Welcome to the Greatest Fraternity in the WORLD!

This is the official site for the Proud Boys Trigger City. We are zone three of the Florida Chapters of the Proud Boys.
We cover Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Hernando, Citrus, Levy, Marion and Sumter counties.

Our core tenant is that we are "Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world". Today western culture is under attack from the politically correct world. We are a group that stands up for girls being girls and men being men. If you are in Florida and want to learn more about our group, please contact us.



There are too many men in prison right now and we need to fix this mass incarceration problem. This obviously doesn’t mean bust open the gates right now. It means we need to start going in the opposite directions and recognize the people we are putting in cages are human beings. The following points lend themselves back to this one.


Not for free, obviously, but gun laws are too strict in about 80% of the country and 90% of the western world. Right now it’s mostly bad guys who have guns. Good guys need them too. This will help prevent crime.


The drug war is a failure. Take away the profits from drugs and you take away gangs and soon prisons are losing their best customers.


Right now we have incentivized single mothers. This has shattered families, especially poor families. Stop rewarding single mothers for leaving their husbands and we get the family back. With fathers comes discipline and empowerment. With jobs comes less crime.


We have strayed from a merit-based immigration policy and have replaced it with open borders. We need to build a wall and encourage assimilation. No more Spanish schools or Chinese schools. Everyone speaks English and patriotism is encouraged.


The West has thrived with checks and balances open discussion provides. Without it, fascism thrives. We need to fight for free speech not just against the government, but against the people who want to shut it down. We are now policing ourselves worse than Big Brother. That needs to stop. Free speech includes all speech – good and bad – and a huge part of this brotherhood is making sure nobody is prevented from speaking. This is arguably our most important cause.


Proud Boys are encouraged to put a ring on it and knock her up. We need to make more Proud Boys. The young are encouraged to sow their wild oats, but as we get older, committing to a family becomes more and more important. With the family, comes a deep respect for the housewife. We push back against the feminist notion that shaping human lives is somehow “selling out.” We see housewives as sentient beings who have an incredible gift.


Western liberalism scoffs at rich and those who put it all on the line to improve our lives. We recognize the incredible sacrifice this takes and we are in awe of all the great entrepreneurs throughout history who got us here.


This is just a hate fact. America was not stolen from the Indians and it was not built on slavery. Europe and Britain were not built on colonization. We fought hard to be #1 and we won. All other cultures are not merely different than us. They are worse.


We have no respect for the institutions that rob us of our hard-earned wages. We don’t expect another man to handle our freedom and determine our destiny. We may not be anarchists, but we always want the government brought down to the absolute minimum.

About Us

The group started in the fall after congregating on Compound Media and laughing at the politically correct culture they insist we take seriously. What began as a few fans in a bar across the street from the studio singing “Proud of Your Boy” and laughing at the reparations videos of Gazi Kodzo soon became a bona fide men’s club with rituals, traditions, and even its own in-house court called “The Sharia.” The Proud Boys confuse the media because the group is anti-SJW without being alt-right. “Western chauvinist” includes all races, religions, and sexual preferences.

The fact that this group has exploded so quickly is a testament to how completely finished young American men and women are with apology culture. Men have tried being ashamed of themselves and accepting blame for slavery, the wage gap, ableism, and some fag-bashing that went on two generations ago, but it didn’t work. So they’re going with their gut and indulging in the natural pride that comes from being part of the greatest culture in the world. It’s very freeing to finally admit the West is the best. That’s because it’s the truth.

What are the Proud boys?

Proud Boys Brochure

Proud Boy Manifesto



All that’s required here is that the Proud Boy publicly declares the following:
“I am a Western Chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world.”

“Public” is open to interpretation. We don’t allow anonymous contributions to the Proud Boys because that isn’t “Proud” (we also don’t except trans-men because they aren’t “Boys”). It is up to the chapter’s discretion to determine how public the first-degree declaration is. At the very least it is said on video and submitted to the chapter. At the very most it is said in every possible public platform available.


“The Counter” is a brother not involved in the fight, who counts each cereal after determining its validity, leads this ritual. Before the punching starts, the prospect has to repeat his first-degree oath: “I am a Western Chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world.” Then the counter says, “You will now list five breakfast cereals, BEGIN!” While the prospect recites the cereals, five Proud Boys must pound him. Shots to the head and below the belt are discouraged but not against the rules. The Proud Boy receiving his licks is not meant to fight back though doing so does not negate his second degree. After the beating the brother gets a hug from the counter as he says “Welcome aboard” and everyone says, “Proud of your boy!” several times. Proud Boys in secluded areas have tried to have friends give them their second degree and submit it to the chapter for verification. This doesn’t work. Those in remote areas have to create their own chapter and make sure the five men punching them are at least 1st degree Proud Boys.


A Proud Boy may not ejaculate alone more often than once every thirty days. That means he must abstain from pornography during that time and if he needs to ejaculate it must be within one yard of a woman with her consent. The woman may not be a prostitute. This is our religion and our Pope is the religion’s founder, Dante Nero. Men who are away from their wives for extended periods of time has requested video conferencing as a way around the one-yard rule. This is not allowed.


You need the words “Proud Boy” tattooed anywhere on your body and you must preserve the tenets of your first and second degree. There are no rules on how the words must look though the norm is to pursue the traditional tattoo font of yore.


This degree is loosely defined as “engaging in major conflict for the cause.” Being arrested is not encouraged although those who are immediately become fourth degrees because the court has registered a major conflict. Serious physical fights also count and it’s up to each chapter to determine how serious the conflict must be to determine fourth. This regulation is not retroactive and it only counts events that occurred after a brother was declared a Proud Boy.


If someone gets a third degree before their second degree, the third, the third degree is placed in a form of stasis until the previous degrees can be completed. This also works with those who get a fourth before their third. If the previous degrees are never completed, the degree remains in stasis.

Proud Boy Politics

We are not a political group. We are a fraternal brotherhood like the Elk’s Lodge or the Shriners. We are multi-racial group that is socially liberal and welcomes gay members. Again, our only non-negotiable rule is that you are a Western Chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world (much confusion revolves around the word chauvinist as women tend to assume it means “sexist” – it means “a person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism”). Almost all our members are Pro-Trump but there are exceptions (our pope being one of them). We disavow Nazis and don’t want them at our meet-ups. We disavow racists and don’t want them at our meet-ups. We allow weak, beta male virgins to join because our fraternity is about helping men improve their lives and that includes all men. If, however, a Proud Boy refuses to step up to the plate- if he doesn’t heed our advice and try it – if he doesn’t assimilate and engage with the group, he will be asked to leave. Our founder Gavin McInnes (peace be upon him) often cites his “10 Ways to Save America” list as a compendium of Proud Western beliefs. Brothers don’t have to ascribe to all of these, but it does provide a good idea of where we stand.


There are other general guidelines that don’t matter. We hate flip-flops and cargo shorts. Fedora are banned. We like to stick to classics like Levi’s, Chuck Taylors, Vans Eras, Clarks desert boots, J Crew wingtips, Pendleton, Woolrich, Filson, and Ray Bans. We encourage Proud Boys to be well dressed in collared shirts especially when talking to the media. The uniform (which is not mandatory but highly encouraged for rallies) is a black Fred Perry polo with gold piping. A goal for the club is for people who try to shut down free speech to feel a deep sense of fear when they see the black and gold appear at a rally. It signifies a group of men who are prepared to fight back. A recommended shoe is the black red wing classic moccasin toe boot. Bootleg Proud Boy T-shirts are all over the internet and there is no Official one as of yet. We encourage the free market and enjoy seeing Proud Boys benefit from their own club. Each individual chapter rights and have no mandatory terms outside of “The West Is The Best”. This is not a Gavin McInnes fan club and although the movement was created via “The Gavin McInnes Show”, many members haven’t even seen the show. This is about taking our civilization back. This is about rebuilding the patriarchy. There are dozens of chapters and they are all over the world. We have a Proud Boy in the White House (Lucian Wintrich) and we have Proud Boys making international headlines as they destroy the left (Mike Cernovich, Charles C Johnson). There are charity events, fundraisers, rallies for free speech, legions of Proud Boy Girls, and even a comedy tour. We are creating documentaries, shows, podcast, and magazines and changing the course of history. It’s an incredible time to be proud of who you are. We tried shame and apologies. It didn’t work. It’s more than just a “time to say no”. It’s time to fight!


Contact Us

Our group is and will always be MEN ONLY(born with a penis if that wasn’t clear enough for you leftists)! If you are (and were born) a woman and you would like to be involved, there is a girls group. They call themselves Proud Boys’ Girls and they’re our second-biggest demographic.” It may seem counterintuitive that a men-only group would have such a big female following, but nobody wants men to be men more than the women who depend on them. “Proud Boys saved my marriage,” says PBG Gabriela Finch. “I was completely done with it, but he won me back and fought hard for it.” This group is full of all kinds of women. Wives, girlfriends and single girls are all welcome. Just like the mens group, the girls have no other requirements about race, religion or sexual preference.